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One of fortes of Souryadeep as an exciting musician is his love for collaborations with a variety of musicians across genres. He loves exploring the boundaries of Indian Classical Music on his sarod and firmly believes that these collaborations with experts can help refine and expand musical skills.

He is a founder-member of the music groups "A Gypsy at Heart" and "Catalpa" with Joseph Leone and Louis Romanos, part of the group World Music America founded by Jayanta Pathak, and a creative director of the "Raga Trilogy" at IndianRaga. Some of his collaborators include Richard Bennet, Myrna Clayton, Preeti Uttam, Nemanja Rebic, Nick Chahwala, Lee Boice, Angela Shankar, Abe Parker among others.

Project 2.jpeg

"Catalpa" Group Picture with Louis Romanos and Joseph Leone

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